Former Olympic hopeful, record setting hurdler launches “Success Is in You” tour

bringing message of hope to youth of America

Julius Mercer, a former Olympic hopeful and world-class hurdler, winner of numerous medals, who set records that stand to this day, is launching his “Success Is in You” tour, where he shares with young people his true life experiences of how he went from fame to rock bottom, only to rise again, in an attempt to inspire them to make good decisions to ensure they succeed in life.

Julius Mercer has written “A New Fire In You,” which details his life events. Julius also speaks at community gatherings, school assemblies and other events. His program has been featured in the Chicago Sun-Times, and he has received numerous endorsements from many of his former professional athlete friends. Julius has also received a BS degree in Sociology and C.A.A.P.S.

I appreciate Julius's honesty, and willingness to share his life experience with the reader.

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WOW! ...Mr. Mercer's book speaks to all five senses, a powerful journey, this book is truly original and defines humility in victory, a unique freshness in a serious world, a window into a man's soul... As a former professional athlete, I enjoyed "hurdling" to every page, realizing that with each chapter "a new HOPE is rising for everyone in America." and I believe this is the dream of an Olympic hopeful, named Julius Mercer. (I recommend this book to Athletes, Coaches, Parents, Educational Professionals, Counselors, Leading Treatment & Recovery Centers and Mr. John Doe)... A New Fire In You! by Julius Mercer offers strategies & solutions that work!!... "A New Fire in You!" by Julius Mercer...it's the real Deal!!

Michael Jennings


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